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DispensingPhysician solution highlights include continuity of quality care, improved patient outcomes, increased revenue stream, new patient attraction, current patient retention, competitive advantage gain, reduced liability risks, decreased pharmacy callbacks and staff time savings.

Patient Convenience The most obvious benefit of providing an in-office dispensing program is patient convenience. Patients appreciate receiving medication immediately in the physician’s office, which avoids a trip to the pharmacy to wait for their prescription to be filled. In addition to travel time, wait times at many pharmacies can be 30-60 minutes. Eliminating this burden with onsite service is especially meaningful for patients who are suffering acute sickness or pain, or are caring for young children or the elderly.

Comparatively, practices that have optimized a full-featured dispensing solution can dispense a patient’s prescription in less than two minutes. Your patients will thank you!

For this competitive advantage alone, many practices implement dispensing services to stand out among other providers. In fact, a number of practices report that while the additional revenue is most welcomed, the main objective and benefit of the program was patient satisfaction, period.

Increased Compliance and Accuracy In-office dispensing ensures the roughly 30% of patients who do not fill their prescriptions get their needed medication resulting in better patient outcomes. In the case of workers compensation patients, the program reduces the traditional 2-3 day wait for insurance verification to receive their medication.

Increased Safety Up to 5% of patients who receive medication from a pharmacy receive incorrect dosages or cross-contaminated medication because of pharmacist error. In-office dispensing virtually eliminates such errors.

Increased Comfort and Confidentiality For some patients who are sensitive about privacy of their illnesses and medications, the confidentiality of receiving their medication at the medical office is another major plus.

Impact on Office Staff — Physician offices are already busy.  With the increased pressures on office staff and the difficulty in finding and retaining highly qualified personnel, physicians can understandably be concerned about their staff’s perception that dispensing is one more thing to do. These concerns are valid and stem from knowledge of earlier dispensing systems where just getting paid was an ordeal.

Computers and the Internet The key to efficient handling of dispensing services in a manner that minimizes staff impact is understanding workflow and technology, in particular computers and highly secure internet connections. In fact, technology improvements in point of care in-office dispensing are a primary reason of the escalation of dispensing practices over the last 5 years.

The DispensingPhysician dispensing programs provide specialized dispensing support using an enabled computer in the office minimizing errors from any staff member.

Real-time Claim Adjudication For physician offices adjudicating insurance claims through Medicare, private commercial insurance or workers compensation, real- time claims adjudication is an important feature of leading technology based service providers.

The DispensingPhysician software requires minimal information to adjudicate claims in seconds returning to the user information on the co-pay amount, if any, and the amount to be reimbursed to the practice from insurance, as well as the dispensing fee. This is a significant reduction of staff time from earlier dispensing systems.

Fewer Inbound Calls Many physician offices find dispensing actually saves time by eliminating many of the pharmacy calls into the office. The average dispensing practice can turn 40% to 60% of their script writing into in-office dispensing. How much time can your office save by reducing these calls by 40 to 60 percent?

Inventory Management Proper inventory management is critical to insure you have the medication on hand when a dispensing opportunity arises. Inconsistent inventories reduce your practice profitability and patient confidence in your dispensary. In the end, poor inventory control will cause the ultimate failure of your dispensary. DispensingPhysician software is designed to help insure proper medicine inventories are always on hand.

Re Packagers The best inventory controls cannot overcome supply issues related to re-packagers that either run out of a medication or stop carrying them all together. DispensingPhysician works with multiple DEA licensed pharmaceutical re-packagers allowing us to move supply channels from one re-packager to another whenever it is necessary to insure your dispensary never runs short of needed medications.