• Dispensing Physician™ is a turnkey solution for healthcare providers who wish to enhance their practice, improve patient care and increase profits with complete point-of-care services

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  • Dispensing Physician allows physicians to continue providing quality care, while improving patient services and outcomes

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  • Point-of-care dispensing focuses on physicians offering patients their same medications now conveniently obtained at the time and place of their visit

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  • We offer a clear solution for healthcare providers seeking to improve care and services, while gaining a competitive advantage and increasing revenues

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Welcome to Dispensing Physician

DispensingPhysician is a turnkey solution for healthcare providers who wish to capitalize on the movement to point-of-care services. We are committed to being the premier pharmaceutical supply chain partner by developing integrated dispensing solutions that enhance patient care.

DispensingPhysician has a solution:

The solution is In-Office Pharmaceutical Dispensing.
In-office pharmaceutical dispensing is a popular ancillary service that many premium service providers offer to maximize profits and patient satisfaction.

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